Chris Johanson

//Software Developer

[01] About Me

I am a goal-oriented and motivated individual with experience teaching myself complex topics in a broad set of technical fields in the pursuit of these goals. I like to challenge myself, enjoy working with others, and excell in an agile organized development team. I have professional experience in backend development on large and complex systems.

I have spent the past ten years developing my programming skills and experience. Growing up, I was always captivated by the technology depicted in the Sci-Fi worlds of Star Wars, Alien, and others. This fascination led to me trying to learn everything I could about the technology here in the real world. From low level communication protocols like I2C and robotics control systems like PIDs used to control the flight of a drone, to programming micro controllers and modding video games that I liked to play, I have taught myself a broad range of complex topics and concepts. At Cornell University, I enrolled as a computer science major and continued building my skill set. I am always excited to tackle complex problems, whether I have experience in the problem space or not.

[02] Education


Septmeber 2016 - May 2020

College of Engineering, Ithaca NY

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Relevant Courses

  • CS 3410 - Systems Programming
  • CS 4320 - Intro to Database Systems
  • CS 4410 - Operating Systems
  • CS 4750 - Foundations of Robotics
  • CS 4700 - Foundations of Artif Inllgnce
  • CS 4780 - Machine Learning Intell Sys
  • CS 4820 - Intro Analysis of Algorithms
  • MATH 2930 - Differential Equations for Engineers
  • MATH 1920 - Multivariable Calculus for Engineers
  • MATH 2940 - Linear Algebra for Engineers


  • Cornell University Rugby Football Club
  • Cornell Barbell Club
  • Cornell Rowing
  • Pi Kappa Alpha: Beta Theta Chapter

[03] Experience


July 2020 - Present

Backend Software Engineer

Band 7


  • Lead AI and Machine Learning initiatives for IMS Infrastructure department
  • Research opportunities for AI and Machine Learning integration into IMS
  • Lead developer on year long project, implemented new functionality for IMS asynchronous transactions, wrote assembly logic for function activation and transaction routing, organized the team in weekly meetings, completed the project ahead of schedule
  • Designed, developed, and trained Recurrent Neural Network model utilizing LSTM layers and autoencoders for preemptive service outage detection in IMS systems using real time data
  • Wrote production code in assembly, used virtual machines to build and test the code
  • Recreated customer reported issues, located source of and resolved the issue with the production code
  • Performed functional verification testing on provided fixes as well as development line items

Cornell University

June 2018 - Sept 2018

June 2019 - Sept 2019

Assistant Web Developer


  • Wrote Python script to scrape employee hierarchy data from the Cornell School of Business website in order to construct a tree diagram of employee relations
  • Integrated the data with google sheets and Workday API’s to validate this model and organize and track link relationships for employee pages on the website
  • Worked closely with professional programmers to complete tasks as part of a team

[04] Skills

Programming Languages

  • Assembly -
  • C++ -
  • CSS -
  • HTML -
  • Java -
  • JavaScript -
  • React -
  • OCamel -
  • Python -
  • SQL -





Programs & Frameworks

  • Git & GitHub
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • CAD
  • ROS
  • TensorFlow
  • Jupyter Notebook

[05] Contact Me